Saturday, April 4, 2009

Three Mexican kids were sitting on the bank of the Rio Grande River, when they seen a man floating past, struggling to keep from drowning. One of them gets a long stick and they hold it out for him to grab onto, then they drag him to shore.

Turns out it's Barack Obama!

Sputtering, Obama looks at the kids as he clings to the shore and says, Thank you so much! I was about to drown!"

Dragging his tired ass out of the water, he says, "Do you know I'm the President of the United States? You guys just saved the President! El Presidente'!"

The kids look at him blankly.

Obama looks at the first kid and tells him he can have anything he wants. "Anything. Just name it."

"In Spanish, the first kid replies, "Um, I want a new house for my family, a big, fancy house!"

"You got it!", says Obama. Then he looks at the second kid and asks him what he wants.

"I want a brand new Lamborghini, with a loud radio!", he says.

"Done!", says Obama. He looks a the third kid, who is looking down at the ground. "What would you like?"

The kid slowly looks at Obama and says, "I want a wheelchair, some crutches and lots of bandages."

Obama, stunned, asks him, "Are you sure?"

The kid replies, "Yeah, 'cause when my dad finds out I saved your ass, he's gonna beat the crap out of me."


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