Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Davy was thirteen and awoke in the middle of the night hearing a deep thumping noise in the house. He got out of bed to see what was making the noise.

He left his room and could still hear the thump, thump, thump coming from somewhere. In the hallway he could hear it louder. He walked down the hallway towards his parents bedroom and the thumping became louder and louder. He opened their bedroom door and peaked inside and seen his dad in bed on top of his mom!

Davy was so traumatized he ran back to his room and jumped in bed and didn't say a word the next morning. He got dressed and ran out the door and went to school, didn't even eat breakfast or grab his lunch. And he didn't speak for another four days.

But he eventually got back to normal.

One day about three weeks later, his dad came home and asked the Mrs. where Davy was and she said he got on his bike and went to see his grandmother.

Dad drives over and sees Davy's bike on the porch and walks into the house.

He hears a thump, thump, thump. He walks through the living room and it seems to be coming from upstairs, so he walks up the stairs. It gets louder as he walks down the hall and finally he opens a bedroom door and sticks his head in and sees his son on top of gramma!!!

He flings the door wide open and says, "Oh, sure, it's okay if it's not YOUR mom!"


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