Sunday, March 22, 2009

A cute suburban housewife, bored with her sex life, begins having an affair with a man while her husband is at work. She doesn't know it but her 10-year-old son has been hiding in her closet, watching the two of them go at it.

But one day her husband comes home early from work. Mom tells her lover to hide in the closet, and he gets the idea that he's not alone in there.

"Sure is dark in here, huh?" says her son.

Not sure what to say, the man replies, "Uh, yeah."

"I have a baseball I'll sell ya." says the boy.

"I don't want to buy a baseball." replies the lover.

"This one you do," says the boy. "I know things about you now."

Realizing the kid has the upper hand, the man asks, "How much?"

"$250.00." says the boy.

A week later, mom's having fun with the same man when her husband comes home early again, so back into the closet he goes.

"Sure is dark in here, huh?" asks the kid.

"Oh, not you again!" says the man.

"Yep. I have a baseball glove I'll sell ya for $750."

A couple days later, dad tells his son to grab his ball and glove and come outside so they can throw a few back and forth. The son says he can't, he doesn't have his ball and glove anymore because he sold them to a friend.

Dad asks him how much he sold them for and the son says, "A thousand dollars."
Dad's a bit astonished, and tells his son it's terrible that he took advantage of a friend like that.

"I'm taking you to the church and you're going to confessional!"

So they drive to the church and the boy sits down in the confessional booth and closes the door. The priest enters his booth and the boy says,

"Sure is dark in here, huh?"

The priest sighs. "How much this time?"


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