Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Barack and Michelle Obama were going to a Halloween party in a few days, so Barack asked Michelle to go to a costume store and pick out a costume for him to wear.

That evening he returns to the White House to find a Superman costume lying on the bed.

"Michelle, what is this?"

"It's your costume for the Halloween party Thursday night."

"I can't wear that!" he exclaims. "Have you ever heard of a Black Superman?! Get me something else!"

The next day a rather miffed Michelle Obama takes the Superman costume back and gets him something else.

That night the President walks into the bedroom and finds a Batman costume on the bed.

"Picking it up he says to her, "Batman?! Have you ever seen a Black Batman? NO! I am definitely not wearing THAT! Now take it back and see get me something more appropriate to wear!"

The next day I very angry Michelle Obama returns the Batman costume and gets her husband something else to wear.

When the President gets back he discovers three white buttons, a white belt and a four foot long 2 X 4 lying on the bed.

Puzzled, he calls his wife into the bedroom and asks her about these items.

"Well," she says, "you haven't liked anything I've gotten for you yet, so you can either wear the three white buttons on your chest and go as a domino, or you can wear the white belt and go as an Oreo, or you can SHOVE THE 2X4 STRAIGHT UP YOUR ASS AND GO AS A FUDGESICLE FOR ALL I CARE!!!"


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